Dwayne’s Yoga Story

Describe yourself in a few short sentences

My name is Dwayne Robichaud, and I’m from Tusket, Yarmouth county. I’m a very active entrepreneur and full time Karate competitor.

Tell us about your yoga story. When did you first step on a mat, and what brought you there?

My Yoga Journey began in February of 2016, and it has been the single most beneficial move I have made towards my lifelong health and Happiness. The benefits have been tremendous and immediate. As a Karate practitioner and competitor, I have not exactly been gentle on myself. And a back injury in January of 2016 followed by a Competition Injury put me in a state of great concern about my body and health.

I have known about Yoga for years, but never tried it, Honestly, I was always interested, but never gave it real consideration until I got injured…then Yoga was strongly recommended to me by a Senior Karate Instructor, who in his sixties does Yoga twice a week and teaches Karate on a Regular basis. He recommended it to me as a alternative to chiropractic care, medication and surgery. After suffering for weeks, I knew I had nothing to lose. I was so stiff and physically fatigued that by the time I got there, I was ready to give up. I was really hoping for a miracle. I found it in Yoga.

The first class got my circulation going and I experienced spinal realignment without all the pain and discomfort of a Chiropractor. I could breathe easier, and felt a great reduction in pain. The following morning I took an Easy Beginners class, and I woke up without pain and felt rested for the first time in weeks. After that class I walked out of there feeling 50 pounds lighter with a spring in my step, and my legs felt light and fluid. My back had stopped hurting. Within a few more classes I was without back pain entirely. I did not take so much as an aspirin or apply an ice pack. It was by far a big leap forward towards a new standard in my Physical Health. Today, months later, I still have not had a return of my injury. I am back to training and competing full time and I am currently training for my second degree Black belt, and have begun preparations to compete at the prestigious Chito ryu Soke Cup in Kumamoto Japan. All of this was not possible without Yoga and its incredible benefits.

How has practicing yoga improved your life, and positively affected those around you?

Other than the physical benefits which I noticed immediately, I was pleasantly surprised with my new sense of relaxation and calmness, and an incredible difference in stress reduction. For the first time in months I felt not so overwhelmed and had a new perspective on a lot of things, from personal to professional—a new outlook. Things did not have the same impact as they once did. It was a welcomed change.

My Health has improved immensely, physically. I sleep better. I have found it to be an excellent cross training complement with Yoga to my Martial arts training and I recover so much quicker. My flexibility has never been better. My cardio vascular breathing is much more relaxed due to improved core strength.

My Friends and Family have noticed a great change in me, stating that I am more relaxed and have a noticeable sense of calm about me and a renewed sense of positive optimism. This alone is an incredible benefit. This is the one thing outside of physical health improvement that I find the most appealing. I look forward to exploring Meditation through Yoga, and I know it will be great.

From a Physical standpoint, I am able to do what I love, despite its physical demands because of the many therapeutic benefits of Yoga. And that means a lot to still be able to live well and have positive hope about my long term health.

What’s your favourite pose and why?

Child’s pose. And warrior two. The moment I feel any back pain, 5 minutes in child’s pose and I am cured. Warrior two is a great stretch with full body reach.

What’s your least favourite pose and why?

Dancers pose, It shows me how little balance I actually have, lol. It humbles me.

What advice would you give someone who’s interested in trying yoga, but has yet to take the leap?

Many people think it is only for women— not at all. It is the best thing for men and women at any age. I recommend it to men, especially if you have any form of injury. Yoga done with such awesome instructors as Joe and Kate can bring out the best in you. Men and women of all ages can benefit from Yoga , regardless of your current physical condition so have no fear, Yoga gives with every class, and it creates an awesome journey of health, wellness, self improvement, and most importantly, self discovery. I also look forward to meeting new students and making new friends, it is a great social environment…an excellent alternative to other social scenes. So don’t just think about it, try Yoga! Jump forward into a new you and let your yoga journey begin today. You wont be disappointed, I guarantee it. Namaste my friends.

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Please note: always let your teacher know if you’re struggling with an injury so they can help you modify your poses if necessary!