Frequently Asked Questions

Is Yoga for me? I don’t consider myself a “yoga person” and have zero flexibility.

You are in the right place! We offer beginner modifications in all of our classes, and our Easy Beginner classes are the perfect way to start if you don’t currently move your body a lot. We understand it can be intimidating to try new things around other people, but we think you’ll find our community a warm and welcoming space to try something new.

What Style of Yoga do you Teach?

All of our classes are rooted in Baptiste Yoga—an awareness-based system of yoga created by Baron Baptiste, who both Joe and Kate (founders of Supernova) trained with. This style of yoga incorporates breath, gaze, and physical yoga asana that works for everybody. We’ve adapted the system of Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga for beginners, and offer different levels of intensity and heat for those who might prefer a challenge, too. You will build strength and flexibility. See class descriptions here.

How Do I Sign Up for Classes?

This is the question we get asked the most! Great news—there is no pre-registration required for any of our classes. All classes are offered on a first-come, first-served basis. If you are worried about there not being enough room for you to practice, we recommend arriving at least 10 minutes early to get a spot. We open our doors 15 minutes before the scheduled class time. That said, in over seven years of operation we’ve only had to turn away students once or twice, so please know that this is rarely an issue!

What Do I Need To Bring to My First Class?

Bring a yoga mat and a yoga block if you have one. There are blocks and straps available to borrow during class, however, if you prefer having your own we do sell basic yoga mats and blocks by Halfmoon Yoga. Bring some water to drink.

Are All Classes Hot? About the Heat:

Easy Beginners classes are held at room temperature. Restorative Flow and Power Basics are held in a warm room—about 23 degrees C. Power Yoga classes are heated to between 25 to 28 degrees C. To heat the room we use a heat pump plus infrared wall heaters which warm the body instead of the air.

How Much Do Classes Cost?

We welcome drop-ins and offer a variety of class packages to suit your needs. We accept cash and cheque in the studio. Class packages can be purchased with a credit card on our website, and all rates can be found on our website here. If you can’t afford classes we offer an energy exchange program—free classes in exchange for your help cleaning the studio before and after class. Email us at [email protected] if this interests you!

Is There Anything Else I Need to Know Before I Take My First Class?

If you’re hungry before class, eating a light snack like a few nuts or a piece of fruit is fine! We definitely don’t recommend practicing yoga with a full belly. Come fully hydrated. Water is welcome in the studio. Please consider avoiding caffeinated beverages like soda pop and coffee right before class.

How Often Should I Attend Class?

At least two to three times a week when you’re first starting out (take advantage of our newcomer’s special here!), or as often as you possibly can to reap the benefits that this life-changing practice has to offer!