Class Descriptions

Classes are listed in order of easiest to most challenging.

Easy Beginners

For brand new beginners or anybody looking for a slow-paced & gentle yoga class. Not hard and not hot!

Easy Beats

Easy Beginners class format set to music. A little something different musically each week.

Pathway to Power

For beginners looking to build strength and finesse their transitions to advance to power classes.

Restorative Flow

First half slow vinyasa flow, second half longer holds in restorative postures. Warm room.

Restorative Flow HIPS

First half slow vinyasa flow, second half longer holds in restorative postures with a focus on hip opening. Warm room.

Power Yoga Basics

Learn the basics of Power Yoga! Build from what you learned in easy beginners and connect poses with breath and movement. Mildly warm room.

Power Flow 45

Power yoga in 45 minutes.

Power Yoga

Our most challenging class, this Baptiste-style power yoga class links breath and movement to increase flexibility and strength. Hot Room.

“with Yoga Nidra”

These classes end with Yoga Nidra, a half-hour guided meditation on the floor.