This blog post’s author, Crystal.

by Crystal Watson

I participated in last year’s 40 Days to Personal revolution program at Supernova Power Yoga, and recently read a question on Supernova’s facebook page by someone interested in the program asking “ is the 40 Day Revolution for anyone”? I felt inspired to share my experience!

About a year and a half ago I needed a surgery to fix a stomach problem I had been coping with for years. Afterwards, I went on a liquid diet for 6 weeks, which was a challenge, but I did it and lost 40 pounds!  Shortly after, I was diagnosed with Fibromalaga. I thought, oh just wonderful! All the people whom I have known with this condition never seem to do anything but sleep and stay in the house because they hurt so bad. My doctor assured me that this wouldn’t happen so as long as I found the right kind of medicine and exercise.

The idea of exercising was daunting, since there were days when I all I want to do is laze around! I told my doctor I couldn’t do aerobics or or lift weights, so he suggested I try yoga. I went online to check out Supernova Power Yoga, and saw they were offering a program called 40 Days to Personal Revolution.  I sent a message asking, “is it for everyone”? “Yes!” they replied,  “stop in we’ll fill you in on the details”.

I went to visit the studio the next day, and was greeted by Kate with a huge smile that instantly made me relax—”thank GOD”, I thought! She asked me what I was looking for. First and foremost, I needed some help to lose the last 20 pounds for a goal I had set, as well as wanting to find ME! She said, “this practice is for you!” So I signed up—that was the easiest part—and then came the time to start doing yoga!

I was scared to death that I wouldn’t be able to do it, keep up with the others, or that I might be made fun of. All these emotions came up, but I did a class! I enjoyed the it so much that I came back later that night for their groove and flow class.

 Then came time for the first 40 days meeting. Being shy, I thought,”how am I ever going to go in there by myself!” In the first 40 Days meeting, Kate and Joe explained what would be going on for the next 40 days: yoga 6 days a week—at least 4x in the studio and 2 at home. I thought, surely this will kill me. Well, let me tell you—I am just about a year into the practice and I am still going strong!

The 40 day program helped me to become more conscious of what I was eating, got me exercising through yoga, and meditating regularly. I also found I became kinder to myself and others. It’s an experience that everyone should try. No one in the room judges you—believe me they really can’t see what you are doing or how you are doing it because THEY ARE TOO BUSY in their own practice! I met a wonderful bunch of people who made it easy to share my experience in the 40 days meetings. When we started the program we were strangers, and now we are all friends.

With the help of a regular yoga practice my Fibromayalgia isn’t as hurtful as it once was, and the doctor has lowered some of my meds! Its awesome! I have also lost another 25 pounds through the encouragement to commit to yoga classes 5 to 6 times a week and stop to take time to just breathe !

I hope that all who are going to take this journey have as wonderful and empowering of an experience as I had! Do this for yourself and your loved ones. When we feel better about ourselves it shows up in our every day life and how we threat others !

Love and Life,


To learn more about our 2016 40 Days to Personal Revolution which begins January 7th, click here!